Great Nations Eat | To End Hunger In America
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About Hunger In America

The United States might be the most powerful economy in the world. But there is also this other side of the country where a particular sector of people do not have enough food and find it difficult to meet ends.
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About The Campaign

This campaign is to gather as many people as possible who are ready to volunteer and reach out to the people and help them in every possible way.

Our History

We are just a bunch of normal people who have normal jobs. We used to indulge in social service activities organized by others. That is we though why no do it ourselves.

Join The Team

We will be happy to welcome you to the team so that our community expands and we could reach more number of people.

Help Us End Hunger Today
Food is a man’s basic requirement. Not having it is one of the worst situations that one could ever be. So join our initiative and let put a full stop to hunger.
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Together, We Can Make Hunger History.

Join The Great Nations Eat Team.

Your interest and dedication are all that is required to join the team. We can assure you will feel satisfied that you are contributing something to the world.

The Problem Isn’t Lack Of Food & Money

The Problem Is Lack Of Knowledge About The Hunger Problem In America

Hunger is an issue. But the main problem is that people are not having enough idea and knowledge about it. If we are able to educate people regarding this, there will be an evident difference.


Latest Updates

10 Things You Can Do to Help the Hungry

  1. Volunteer-

In the United States, there are in excess of 63,000 organizations that appropriate 2.5 billion pounds of nourishment to the hungry consistently. There are heaps of ways you can assist and help make that activity somewhat less demanding.



  1. Begin A Food Drive or School Breakfast Program-

In case you’re a characteristic conceived coordinator, consider beginning a sustenance drive where you live, work or love. Your nearby sustenance bank will most likely give you proposals on the best way to begin. From orchestrating gathering canisters to getting fliers together, there are a few subtleties included, yet every business or network exertion begins with one spurred person.

  1. Waste Less Food

Americans squander 96 billion pounds of sustenance every year. As indicated by theUSDA’s, “Evaluating and Addressing America’s Food Losses,” feeding nourishment – and loads of it – is going down the refuse transfer.

  1. Utilize Less Energy-

Vitality and different items become increasingly costly when the interest is high, raising the expense for everybody. At the point when vitality costs soar, the cost of nourishment goes up, as well, making it harder to bolster a family on a tight spending plan. When we moderate assets like fuel, there’s additional for everybody and costs remain low.

  1. Donate-

As per Feeding America, the biggest craving alleviation philanthropy in the United States, a $1 gift can give seven dinners to an eager family. Indeed, even at that, the assignment of encouraging the hungry inside our fringes is an exorbitant undertaking. Financial troubles and high joblessness have prompted an expansion of families living at or underneath the destitution line.



  1. Play for Free Rice-

Free Rice is an online different decision question and answers contest that helps feed the world’s eager. For each right answer, diversion backers will give 10 grains of rice for conveyance around the world. Begun in October 2007 by John Breen and later gave to the United Nations World Food Program related to the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, is a working case of how a little thought can have a gigantic effect in fighting to yearn.

  1. Find Your Voice-

Giving a dollar is a decent method to help feed the hungry, yet promising five other individuals to give a dollar, preserve vitality or volunteer forms a network of capable, mindful natives. A high tide raises all watercraft, and when you urge others to raise network attention to the issue, everybody benefits.

  1. Rethink Your Food Choices-

Intricately bundled and asset escalated nourishments can be inefficient. Consider land, crude materials, and even plants as constrained assets. It takes 16 pounds of grain to deliver each pound of meat sold at market. On the off chance that we all in all eat less meat, there’ll be more grain accessible for everybody.

  1. Educate Yourself-

Your buyer propensities can have worldwide significance, so purchase, work, play and dispose of dependable. In the event that we center around protection and great stewardship, we would all be able to amplify the sustenance assets we have and make a greater amount of them accessible to those in need.

  1. Recognize the Face of Hunger

There are more ravenous individuals than you may understand, and no network is insusceptible. From the older on fixed salaries to families battling with scaling back and delayed joblessness, Hunger has moved into upscale neighborhoods, into suburbia and likely to an area close you.