Great Nations Eat | Things to know about THC detox before making your move
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Things to know about THC detox before making your move

Things to know about THC detox before making your move

Detox and body cleansing are important for more than passing a drug test. It is essential for making your body fresh and rejuvenated. If you are a user of any level and have an upcoming drug test, you have every right to be concerned. There are different THC detox plans and products that can help save your day. There are many reasons that can make you perform this test. Getting a new job is a major reason for going through this procedure.

  • What is THC detox

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol carboxylic. Simply, a THC detox aims at relieving the body from the tetrahydrocannabinol compound and associated metabolites. The metabolites are a direct results of using marijuana. It appears in your system by the time your body processes the pot. The level of tetrahydrocannabinol goes up once you consume marijuana. Gradually, it leaves your system, but the metabolites stay. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, metabolites don’t give you psychoactive influence. This means that your high feeling will end by the time tetrahydrocannabinol leaves your system. Metabolites have their own way in hiding inside fat cells. This makes them detectable the moment you perform a drug test. You can find out creditable ways to beat the tests by reading in-depth review of detox plans.

  • How to determine the amount of metabolites and THC in your body

Finding the right detox plans and products is not easy, especially when you can’t determine the level of THC. You can have a good idea on the levels when you answer the following questions:

  • What type of consumer are you?

Are you a regular marijuana consumer or is it an occasional time thing? You should be honest when you answer this question. Typically the bigger amounts of marijuana you consume, the higher levels of THC you will have.

  • What type of marijuana you consume?

You can find different types of marijuana to use. Do you like sativa, indica or a hybrid product? Under each category, there are various types and names. Each one of those options come with certain concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol. This means that the type you are regularly consuming will have a saying in the levels of metabolites left in your body.

  • Do you have many fat cells?

Fat cells are the home to the metabolites. They stay there anyway, even if you are not a heavy consumer. If you don’t have many fat tissues, your body will store few amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol and associated metabolites.

  • Do you have high metabolism?

Metabolism varies from one person to another. You can benefit from the high rates of metabolism in pushing the metabolites out of your system. Metabolism targets fat cells and subsequently the metabolites will have fewer hiding spots.

  • When does THC leave your body?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. It varies according to many factors such as the amounts you are consuming and your physical features. THC compounds can remain in your body for 2 days in case you are not a heavy consumer. You can expect the THC to remain longer when you are a regular and a heavy user. As for the compounds with no mind-altering features, they can take up to 4 weeks to leave your system. It is definitely a long time, but it can take less or more depending on the above mentioned factors. Reading in-depth review of various detox plans will give you great insight on THC and its metabolites.

  • How to avoid failing the test

The most authentic and effective way to pass the test is to quit using. But, you should not really worry or lose hope in passing the test if you have been consuming recently. You should know that the requirement of performing a drug test can pop up at any time. So, you won’t have sufficient time to prepare. However there are efficient way to beat them. Here are some of the things to do if you are about to take the test:

  • Stop any sort of consumption

You might not be a heavy user at all, but you will still need to stop letting any type of cannabis into your system. This is the most basic and understandable step you need to take.

  • Find a quick and an efficient detox kit

There are different detox programs and tablets out there. You should spend some time searching for a good match for you. You would need something that can suit the level of your consumption. There are kits that suit light, moderate and heavy users. You would find items that detox within a day and items that will do the job within 10 days. You can determine the right program when you answer the previous 4 questions.

Let your body heal naturally

It is a good chance to let your body treat itself. You should take full advantage of the situation in cleansing your body naturally. With help of your chosen detox program, you can encourage your body to flush out the toxins on its own. You can start with a good and a balanced diet. Healthy and organic food is a good way to fight toxins. Also, you should increase the levels of our workout. This can also burn some fat in your body. Typically, you will force metabolites to move in your bloodstream. 3 liters of water and sugar-free healthy drinks can be useful as well.

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