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The quest bars keto menu

The quest bars keto menu

The term ketogenic diet is understood to mean a diet in which the intake of carbohydrates is greatly reduced and the intake of fats is increased. Depending on the area of ​​application, different forms of this diet are distinguished from each other. The ratio between the macronutrients carbs, protein and fat varies, but the maximum amount of 50 grams of carbohydrates is rarely exceeded.

All forms of this diet have the following in common: After a short transition phase of the metabolism, the body no longer draws its energy from fat and glucose, but only from fat and the ketone bodies formed from it. This process begins after about 3 days and is called ketosis. In the beginning, the dietary Ketogen can make you feel exhausted and not fully effective. Once the ketosis is set in motion and the metabolism has adjusted to the changed energy production, but the body is powerful again.

Regular quest bars keto 

Sport only brings something if you follow it with a certain regularity. A fitness machine for the home can give the necessary motivation. Just in the evening or in the morning 20-30 minutes work wonders. For laymen and fitness studio muffle definitely an alternative. As with the ketogenic diet, it is important to stick to a plan. Who is trained irregularly as well as in the diet have no success. Just as ketogenic recipes can help, this can also be a workout plan. For example, there is a useful training plan for the home shared in this post

Quest bars keto and ketogen? Does that fit together?

Above all, carbohydrates are often attributed a very high importance as important energy suppliers in sport. For this reason arises again and again the question of whether a ketogenic diet is suitable for active athletes at all. Basically, one can answer this question with yes, but must point out that the ketogenic diet is not suitable to provide athletic excellence – neither in endurance nor in weight training.

If the body has adjusted to the energy from fat or ketone bodies, then a regular training with acceptable results is quite possible. However, weight-training athletes will experience performance losses in the form of earlier muscle failure and lower maximum force during the diet. The Anabolic Diet as a special form of ketogenic nutrition is often used by strength athletes and bodybuilders to optimize the body fat percentage. The advantage is that during the diet body fat is broken down, but compared to other diets only a low loss of muscle mass is recorded.

A ketogenic diet in conjunction with endurance quest bars keto brings next to the drop in performance another problem with it: the hyperacidity. With prolonged and intense endurance exercise, the body often excretes more acidic lactate. The quest bars keto nutrition also provides an acidic environment through the ketone bodies produced by the organism. This double exposure of the body to over-acidified blood can permanently damage the organism. Endurance athletes should therefore not go to their limits during ketosis.

In summary, it can be said that dietary and quest bars keto quest bars keto are compatible with each other. However, one should expect no peak performance during the ketosis and should not go to his physical limits in training, but only train with light to medium intensity. Then sport and ketogenic diet are at the same time well feasible.

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