Great Nations Eat | A Game Combination of Three: The Pickleball
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A Game Combination of Three: The Pickleball

A Game Combination of Three: The Pickleball

Games are a form of exercise which is beneficial to health. In each game, there are different forms of exercise for all body parts like hands, feet, brain, eyes, above all the full body. So playing games is a must for children as well as adults. There are different types of games that are played all over the world. Among them are football, cricket, table tennis, badminton, ping-pong and many more which can help in the exercise of the full body. It’s a good exercise of the body and doctors most of the time recommend playing different games. So that people can remain active and healthy.

In this article, we are going to introduce a new game called pickleball which is a combination of three games. Though it sounds weird that, a game is a combination of three games but at the same time it is interesting too. This game is very famous in Washington State.

Pickleball is a game combination of the three games which are badminton, ping-pong and table tennis. A paddle instead of a racket and a ball with lots of holes instead of a shuttlecock is used. Like badminton, all the other things are similar in this game. A net is set in the middle and two or four players can play the game at a time which is the same as badminton. Choice of Best Pickleball Paddle makes the game easy for players.

Pickleball has a great health benefit as the whole body needs movement. Some health benefits are discussed below:

  • This type of movement helps the muscles to work well.
  • This game needs a lot of energy and thus one can stay fit and lose weight.
  • It improves heart functioning by strengthening the heart muscles. Through these blood clots are opened and it lessens the reason for a heart attack.
  • This game decreases the risk of diabetic as this game causes lots of exercises. Regular exercise decreases the incidence of developing diabetes.
  • As the mind remains fresh by playing games, it lessens the causes of hypertension and this disease affects less to the players.
  • This game also improves the lung function of the body. The person who regularly takes nasal sprays and has the difficulty of breathing; their dependency on medicine becomes less.
  • It increases the concentration of the player.
  • A player not only plays physically but also mentally as they need to think of the next step rapidly while playing. Thus their brains have a good exercise.
  • It is a good source of entertainment. One can keep his mind fresh if he plays this game and thus can stay healthy mentally.

Nowadays, we have fewer places to play outside for children and adults. This game can help those who cannot play outside the house as they don’t find enough space outside. Pickleball is the best option for them.

Though this game is not a dangerous one, the players should take safety to keep well and avoid dangers. Unlike the health benefits, this game has some disadvantages also.

  • The player who plays the game first time faces pain in his muscles both in hands and legs.
  • If the game is not played sincerely the player may face fracture or muscle pull problems and maybe he will have to take bed rest for few days.
  • It may case sprained angles and also may cause knee injuries.
  • While striking with the paddle, the player must be very careful otherwise it may affect the hand joints. Make sure to use Best Pickleball Paddle to avoid injuries.

This is a social game. People play this game on a team of two or four. Thus one can make friends with people of the same hobby as they are playing the same game. They meet different people with different thoughts and while discussing thoughts with each other they can improve their way of thinking towards things. Through this game family bonding also gets stronger as this game can also be played with the family members of all ages except the old members. One of the most important points is, the game was first invented in Washington State by Joel Pritchard to entertain his family when he saw that his family was feeling bored on a weekend. He wanted to play badminton but since all the required things were not available he started this game replacing two equipment and these were the paddle with the racket and the shuttlecock with the ball.

This game is not famous like the other games. Some people still do not know about the game. This game can be played with the family members and the people of all ages. The game is very much interesting and has a lot of health benefits as well. Considering the health benefits this is one of the best game anyone can play.

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